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About FxEaReview

FxEAReview.com’s aim is to provide more information on commercial trading systems, so as to help retail traders made well-informed decisions when purchasing them in the market. As such, FxEAReview team seeks to educate retail investors over the long term.

They do not promote products now and then. The products that have been reviewed are what the team believed that has worked well for them. It is certainly not for marketing purpose. Thus, you will not find any affiliate link in our web page.

Relationship With Ea Vendors

FxEAReview.com will never promote product because of the potential conflict of interest that many review websites face between getting paid for promotion and sincere reviews.

At FxEAReview, they have decided to stick to providing the truth about trading systems. Mystics and marketing fluffs are removed. Profitable systems and scammers systems will be uncovered. All of systems reviewed are bought by FxEAReview.

Our Review Criteria

  • Trading system back test must be profitable over a 5 years period
  • Forward test should resemble closed to 90% of the back test
  • More than 90 % High accuracy for systems with low risk:reward ratio
  • More than 55% accuracy for systems with high risk:reward ratio
  • Draw-downs for all system should be less than 20% (Year)
  • EAs and indicator must not have any bug


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